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Faculty of Physical Education is considered one of the pioneering educational institutes in physical education field in Egypt. The Faculty had its ministerial decree No.1499 on 24/9/1996, to be established in Benha branch – Zagazig University. It was established in 1996 in Zagazig University. The studying period is four years, and then the graduate will be granted the bachelor of physical education.

The teaching process started in the faculty in 1997 and the first class was graduated in 2000/2001, the faculty was under Zagazig University supervision till 2005. The faculty became under Benha University after the presidential decree to isolate Benha branch form Zagazig University. In 1996, the Minister of Higher Education issued the decree No.(1499) to accept the internal regulation for the faculty which aimed to prepared physical education teacher, but in 2009 the internal regulation has been modified it aiming to prepare specialists in physical education field to join the different social organizations like:-

-School Sports

-Sports training in profession sport

-Sports management

Also the faculty aims to:-

•  Prepare researchers in school sports, sports training, and sports management.

•  Do scientific researches and studies in physical education to serve the society and develop the environment in different sports fields.

•  Present the consultations and the scientific experiences to the interesting authorities.

•  Study the different sports problems in different physical education fields by cooperation with national and international scientific – sports organizations.

The faculty construction

The faculty didn't have any suitable place when it was belonged to Zagazig University – Benha branch, and the faculty had to rent Benha stadium playgrounds for 8 years. With the students' efforts and the supporting of some authorities and the supreme council of youth and sport, the faculty established:

•  Mosque in 2006 by donating from good doer which expensed 70.000 Egyptian pounds.

•  Footballs pitch in 2006 by donating form the armed forces which expensed 500.000 Egyptian pounds.

•  Several playgrounds (football/volleyball/basketball) in 2007 by donating from students' parents which expensed 48.000 Egyptian pounds. 

•  2 rooms, stock, and cafeteria were built in 2008 by donating from the supreme council of youth and sport which expensed 13.000 Egyptian pounds.

•  Two floors  were built :

a-The first floor includes training and gymnastics hall.

b-The second floor includes faculty members’ offices.